Which curling iron to choose?

Which curling iron to choose?

If our hair is curly, we want it straight, and when it’s straight, we want it curly. With so much complexity, our ally is the curling iron. We tell you how to choose it and which models to shop for.

Whether our hair is smooth, wavy, or if our curls aren’t well designed, the curling iron will give you a result worthy of professionals. From the natural wavy to the cascade of vaporous curls to tight curls, it’s the perfect ally to meet our current hair desires.

There are different models at more or less affordable prices and some brands even offer products with multiple tips. But how to choose it?

Which curling iron is right for my hair type?
Depending on the expected result, our hair type and length, we opt for an iron with a more or less large diameter. The principle is simple: if the iron is fine, the curl will be tight (preferable for short, fine hair); if it is thicker, the curl will be more relaxed. For optimal results, the temperature of the iron is very important. Generally, it is between 120° and 220°C. If it can be adjusted, it’s better, since too high a temperature damages the hair and finishes can be done at a lower temperature.

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Another element to take into account is the iron coating. In order to limit damage to the hair, it is preferable to opt for a curling iron with a ceramic, titanium or tourmaline coating. These materials respect the hair and give it a shiny and silky appearance as a bonus.

It is always used on dry hair (with the exception of Dyson Airwrap) and nourished beforehand with a dedicated care (GHD heat protection spray). And like everything else, no abuse. Ideally, it should be used no more than two to three times a week.