Trends in wellness: health, nature and home care, according to GWI

Trends in wellness: health, nature and home care, according to GWI

The pandemic has shaken up the agenda of the Global Wellness Summit. The 2020 edition took place both virtually and physically in Florida. On this occasion, delegates presented the major market trends for the coming months.

Faced with the travel restrictions imposed by the epidemic, the organizers of the Global Wellness Summit, which brings together delegates from 50 countries each year around the wellness industry (spa, fitness, hospitality, tourism, etc.), chose a hybrid formula this year, allowing them to maintain a high level of interactivity between participants.

They chose to pre-record all the speeches, and then have the speakers intervene for live questions/answers by zooming in. More than one hundred delegates attended the event at the Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach, Florida, where the event took place from November 8 to 11. At the same time, a virtual forum was held, attracting approximately 500 people from around the world.

The new trends in wellness for 2021 were presented by Beth McGroarty, Vice President of Research at GWS. A synthesis formulated on the basis of a questionnaire given to the delegates. Unsurprisingly, the first one concerns the strengthening of natural immunity, from nutrition to exercise, training, education and all energy therapies.

Delegates also bet on the development of preventive care, between health and wellness. Then they stressed the urgency of connecting with nature and preserving it. A need that, in the midst of a pandemic, replaces the desire to connect with others.

Personalized care at home
The experts in attendance are also counting on the development of home care, the demand for which has been accelerating since the spring. Instrumental cosmetics, LED technologies, yoga and training applications should thus continue to flourish, with a special mention for air purifiers.

In general, wellness will be increasingly linked to health, whether it is related to the physical or mental. Circadian rhythms, vitamin deficiencies and quality of sleep are therefore elements of this new « well-being » sought by the public. The disconnection of social networks, the « slow life », which refers to the slowing down of the pace of life, physical activities such as hiking, cycling, bathing in the forest or walking will attract more and more city dwellers.

In the coming year, women will be more attentive to their health than men, whether it be sexuality or motherhood. Menopausal problems will also increasingly attract their attention. But well-being is no longer just a female concern. More men will also be interested in their physical and mental well-being, says GWI.

Finally, the professionals present at this major international meeting noted a growing concern for everything concerning the environment: clean beauty, innovative textiles, wellness architecture… Consumers will thus be increasingly attracted by naturalness and eco-responsibility, which all studies currently show.

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