The ten 2020 beauty trends as seen by the American Yelp

The ten 2020 beauty trends as seen by the American Yelp

With its 28 million users, the American site of recommendations Yelp announces new products, such as cosmetics based on stem cells or cannabis, and always sure values: the aesthetics of the glance and laser hair removal.

The U.S. platform has reviewed the requests received last year, identifying the requests with the highest growth. Even if certain trends concern the North American market in particular, notably for regulatory reasons, this study nevertheless provides valuable indications on the evolution of beauty needs.

1 – Facial lymphatic drainage

The demand for this type of care has increased by 36% on Yelp. The highest demand was recorded in Miami, Los Angeles and New York. The drainage is supposed to revitalize the skin and give it a younger appearance, and is appealing because of its naturalness.

2 – Cannabis in cosmetics

It’s not quite a novelty anymore, but the buzz has been such that the demand is growing. In the United States, cannabis has become the star ingredient in facials and massages.

3 – Medspas and Botox Bar

If botox has a less and less good reputation, given certain excesses, American women are not ready to give up injections. They try alternatives such as Dysport, Jeuveau or Newtox, but not necessarily in a doctor’s office. It is therefore to be expected that centers such as Ject, a New York medspa* will appear in the United States where injections can be received as easily as a manicure. A trend that is impossible to reproduce in France for legal reasons.

(*) Contraction between « medical » and spa.

4 – Laser hair removal continues its progression

Demand increased by 23% in 2019, supported by the emergence of franchises in the United States offering this service at more affordable prices. In France, the authorization of pulsed light for beauticians should logically stimulate the market in the same way.

5 – Powdered manicure

The demand for « Dip Powder Nails » has jumped 67%! This new technique, which consists in coloring one’s nails in a durable way with a strongly pigmented powder, corresponds to a strong demand for care with a long-lasting effect. It risks dethroning the semi-permanent gel nail polish, which seals the nail under a UV lamp.

6 – The triumph of the eyebrows

The aesthetics of the eyes is still in full swing. The eyebrow has become a sure value of aesthetics. New techniques are emerging, such as Brow Lift or Brow Lamination, the demand for which has increased by 48% over the past year.

7 – Technological facial care

Promoted by the stars and the people, « rejuvenation » facials are at the top of the list. From Los Angeles to Boston, women from all over the world prefer technical masks alternating between choice and cold, or treatments based on LEDs.

8 – The appearance of stem cells in cosmetics

When it comes to fighting the signs of aging, more and more women are looking for alternatives to cosmetic surgery. Hence the growing demand (+47%) for stem cell-based care, either in injectable form or integrated into cosmetics.

9 – The supremacy of organic products

Yelp experts call it the « Goop » effect, named after the site created by actress Gwyneth Paltrow, which promotes natural products. As consumers become increasingly aware of the potential dangers of chemicals, they will turn more to « clean beauty.

10 – Spray tanning

While demand for UV booth products has been steadily declining since 2010, spray tanning, which peaked in 2014, is back in the spotlight, driven by improved products that give a more natural look without damaging the skin.