Tartan, the autumn print par excellence

Tartan, the autumn print par excellence

A thousand miles from its preppy roots, tartan print is going wild in a more streetwear approach. Demonstration.

Dull the tartan? For many years now, seasoned fashionistas have been wearing the tartan plaid print without any complexes every fall-winter.

The quintessence of the Vivienne Westwood punk wardrobe, tartan is boldly resurrected on baggy pants or long coats with a masculine edge.

Tartan, a timeless print
Tartan has a long history. Originally the traditional print of the Scots, worn on clothes in the seventeenth century, it was welcomed with open arms in fashion, especially on the side of subcultures like the punk movement in the 70s and grunge.

Over the years, the tartan has been modernized and today it has made its way into streetwear. It makes its comeback every fall-winter and intends to remain the autumn print par excellence.

Available in different colors and materials, we find this print in the form of trench coats – we think of Burberry – or dresses, pants and even shoes.

An essential and timeless print that we never tire of adopting.