Owl shaped breakfast recipe

Owl shaped breakfast recipe

Discover the owl-shaped breakfast recipe by Eve Bisson aka @Minireyve.

In this video Emilie Albertini and Eve show you step by step how to make a breakfast in the shape of an owl. A nice and balanced recipe that will bring a smile to your children from the morning.

It’s your turn ! Give free rein to your creativity and t


hat of your children to make this recipe.

What to expect:

For the base: granola and cottage cheese (or other cereals of your choice)

Provide a small or medium size bowl that should be filled to the brim.

To create the owl shape:

The eyes: 2 slices of banana and 2 blackcurrants (or another small round fruit)
Wings: 2 apple slices
Plumage: squash seeds to arrange to give the illusion of small feathers
The nose and legs: melon cut into a triangle (or other seasonal fruit: peach, watermelon, pear, etc.)
The crest: fresh mint (or basil)