How about the striped shirt?

How about the striped shirt?

The striped shirt, which was confined to workwear uniforms, is now being unleashed in favor of bold stylistic combinations. An anthology of these new fashionable twists.

Striped shirts, devoid of any fashion aura, were until now less a question of clothing creativity than of imposed style. Stuck under tailor’s jackets or bloused over pinch pants, it was supposed to testify, at least in the eyes of our peers, of a professionalism and an unfailing solemnity, the vertical stripe being the ultimate guarantor of our righteousness.

A formal posture, therefore, that fashion aficionados seem to want to energize.

An essential part of the dressing room
Tied around the waist, half tucked into the skirt or scruffy on the shoulders, the style experts trick with micro-gimmicks to offer new perspectives to this formal wear must-have. Note that the collar is generally raised, the sleeve cuffs wide open, and the first buttons carelessly undone.

Some even dare to match it with a vintage nylon jogging suit, while others are content to match it with a denim skirt or white denim.

One caveat though: not all striped shirts are the same. We forget the satin models of the 90s for oversized cotton versions, straight. The fetish shirt of these trendy girls? The one with blue and white stripes, emblematic of the working girl, which thus revisited, offers itself a most refreshing fashion desirability.