Hair detox: Powder, an ancestral process, is back in fashion

Hair detox: Powder, an ancestral process, is back in fashion

Vegetable dye, Clean Beauty: the vogue for naturalness seduces hairdressing salons, as well as beauty institutes. New concept: hair detox, using traditional powders. Here’s a brief overview.

Is it necessary to detoxify the hair as well? Yes, according to hairdressers who are adept at using vegetable dyes. They even recommend using it every two weeks, and not only when the seasons change. Constantly exposed to environmental pollution, hair reacts to the environment and retains odors. Abused or asphyxiated, it becomes dull, fragile or split ends.

For centuries, Asian and Oriental women have been using powders to wash, color or care for their hair. Whether finely ground earth or vegetable-based, these powders are making a comeback, driven by the public’s attraction to natural or traditional care. The instructions for use are universal: the powder is mixed with water to form a soft, easy-to-use paste.

Used as a hair cataplasm and praised by Ayurvedic medicine as a universal remedy, neem powder, obtained from the drying of neem leaves, has a purifying and detoxifying action.

Natural surfactants

Closer to us, green clay surfine is known to be absorbent and calming. It is used to cleanse the scalp and soothe it in case of irritation or itching. Well known to the regulars of the hammam, rhassoul, a real washing clay, is used as a shampoo or soap. It forms a very soft paste which absorbs residues and impurities.

More exotic, shikakai powder is used in Ayurveda to obtain soft and silky hair, prevent dandruff and make hair grow. In the same tradition, we also find sidr powder, which has the advantage of washing colored hair without bleeding it and fixing the color. These two products are obtained by grinding plants containing natural surfactants, called saponins.

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