Blake Lively’s unpleated eyebrows and tangled hair are so close together right now.

Blake Lively's unpleated eyebrows and tangled hair are so close together right now.

If Blake Lively wasn’t already one of our favorite celebrities to follow on Instagram, she just posted a selfie that pretty much sums up everyone’s year 2020, proving once again that she is the queen of reality.

We don’t pretend for a moment that she’s the only celebrity to have chosen to flee the filters in favor of a more authentic social media presence. In fact, it’s become a trend for A-Listers to give fans a glimpse of the natural texture of their skin and hair.

Hailey Bieber shared a selfish selfishness at her recent treat, which included two spots on her cheek. Actress Matilda De Angelis revealed a tantrum on instagram and talked about her presence in front of the camera while fighting acne. Jennifer Lopez recently got rid of her makeup to unveil her new skin care line, telling fans, « People wanted to know, so I almost felt compelled to put it in a bottle and say, ‘Okay, this is what I do with my skin.

Even Kylie Jenner (she loves filters, let’s be honest) shared a beautiful zoom shot without any skin smoothing, with the caption: « No filter baby ».

Blake Lively is best known for dragging her own husband, Ryan Reynolds, but she also has a soft spot for unfiltered photos. Like the time she posted a selfie of her decidedly haggard character in the movie The Rhythm Section, and had to correct fans who thought she bravely posted a shot without makeup.

Blake’s latest selfishness was not intended for a movie role, and it was so relatable. She posted a picture of her face using the Vogue filter, but looking away from « fashion magazine ». Her eyebrows had stragglers in profusion (idem) and her hair protruded to one side with matte knots (idem). She added the caption: Get The Look and the 2020 edition, with what looked like a GIF of a burning trash can….

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