5 good reasons to choose carrots this fall

5 good reasons to choose carrots this fall

Vegetables with multiple benefits, carrots adapt perfectly to the needs of the body in this fall season. Here are 5 good reasons to taste it!

Carrots are good for the skin
Carrot is rich in beta-carotene, a powerful antioxidant known to slow skin aging and improve skin quality. It is therefore known to promote tanning, but it can also protect the epidermis against attacks from the cold. Also consider carrot oil for a radiant complexion!

Carrots are good for the eyesight
It is not a legend! Thanks to vitamin A present in large quantities, carrots help reduce the risk of impaired vision. It also improves vision in low light settings.

The carrot would strengthen the immune system
Carrots are good for the eyesight, for slowing down the aging of the skin, but it could also help you strengthen your immune system. Experiments have been carried out in the Netherlands to shape the fiber of the vegetable and make it possible to fight against infections, especially respiratory infections. Good news that could help deal with seasonal viruses.

The carrot is a slimming ally
Carrots are very low in calories so make the most of it! Raw, cooked, rapped, frozen, in soup, in gourmet gratin… all flavors are possible.

Carrot relieves the stomach
Thanks to the fibers it contains in large quantities, the carrot facilitates the work of the intestines and calms gastric disorders. Nothing better than a good carrot juice to aid digestion.