5 creative and relaxing activities to do at home

5 creative and relaxing activities to do at home

Zen gardening, scrapbooking, coloring… Here are 5 ideas for accessible and relaxing activities to do at home.

Art therapy through coloring
Forget all the misconceptions you have about coloring. In recent years, it has gone from being a childish activity to a super effective relaxation method for stressed adults. Mandala, coloring posters, bullet journals , coloring books… There are many methods on the market to buy or download for free on the internet. Book a time slot in your day, find yourself a cozy corner and embark on this activity accessible to all.

Garden your little piece of paradise
Gardening is a sure-fire anti-stress method. Maintaining your garden, sowing seeds, watering them are ideal activities to promote concentration and relaxation. Indoors, you can also create your own Zen garden which will bring calm and serenity to your space. In a minimalist version, all you need is a container, a little sand or earth and a few pebbles, to decorate and organize as you wish.

Knit for yourself and others to enjoy
What if you got into knitting? This inexpensive creative activity will allow you to develop your styling skills while gaining patience and concentration. For the more novice, it is more appropriate to start with a simple garment, such as a scarf. Again, you can download a pattern for free from the internet. The opportunity to give yourself a DIY gift or to offer!

Personalize your photo albums
Thanks to “scrapbooking”, you will obtain unique photo albums. This creative hobby, democratized in recent years, consists of personalizing photo albums. Cutouts, collages, drawings, writings… let your imagination run wild and use your creativity to introduce a very personal decor around your favorite shots.

A home-made beauty and well-being moment
Take care of yourself, pamper yourself, now is the time! Give yourself that moment of well-being that you don’t usually have time to achieve. The must: create your own cosmetics. Face mask, homemade deodorant , moisturizer… There are many natural and easy recipes to make with what you have on hand.