4 ways to prepare your body for the return of fall

4 ways to prepare your body for the return of fall

Temperatures in France are still mild, but autumn is just around the corner. Now is the time to gently prepare for a change of season. If every year you get the little bit of fatigue that accompanies this step, these 4 tips will help you get into condition with peace of mind.

Boost your immune system
Strengthen your immune system to prepare your body for the little worries of the season. Enjoy the natural benefits of honey or propolis, great allies to protect the body. Some essential oils are also known for their anti-infectious properties, such as tea tree or thyme essential oil. Be careful, however, to respect their conditions of use.

Resume sports activity
We cannot say it enough, sport is essential to maintain a healthy body. If you put your daily sports activity on standby during the summer, it’s time to start over! Looking for a new sports routine? Here are some ideas of physical exercises to try this year 2020 .

Take time for yourself
Back to school is often synonymous with many external requests. To resume the rhythm with calm, allow yourself some peaceful moments, alone. You can, for example, practice meditation, to refocus yourself and focus on your own needs.

Finally, get some rest. After the lightness (and sometimes the excess) of summer, it’s time to give your body some rest. Nothing is more restorative than sleep. Give yourself moments of relaxation, relaxing activities and try to respect a regular sleep rhythm.