2020: the year that changed (almost) everything in aesthetics

2020: the year that changed (almost) everything in aesthetics

Deprived of institutes and hairdressing salons, French women have let their roots grow, tried experiments like sebum treatment, which consists of not washing their hair for a month to beautify it, stopped waxing and, in general, significantly lightened their beauty routine. And while they respected the barrier gestures and washed their hands more, their hygiene did not improve.

The simplification of the beauty routine had already been on the horizon for several months. The craze for N-Beauty, cosmetics from the Nordic countries, or Japanese-style beauty had already begun to affect the complexity of Korean-style routines, such as layering. The trend for spring was skin fasting, which consists of letting your skin rest.

That didn’t stop them from looking for « safe » products. In the midst of the health crisis, consumers favored a mix of naturalness, durability and hygiene-safety naturalness, durability and hygiene-safety. A segment in which groups such as Pierre Fabre are positioning themselves today, following the example of small niche brands that rely on single-dose recyclable products.

Teleworking transforms make-up
Teleworking, zoom meetings have not only changed the way of working, but also the make-up! You wear less make-up, but better, you control the lighting to look your best during meetings. Some people don’t hesitate to be bold, even in a fleeting way.

The mask, an obligatory protection, becomes a fashion accessory and has a direct influence on make-up. The lips, which are hidden most of the time, are abandoned and the emphasis is put on the eyes. One does not hesitate any more to match one’s make-up with one’s mask. At the same time, the nail art, whose death has been foretold for several years, has regained some hair. The women have more time: they launch out, with more or less happiness in the home-made nail art. Internet is full of tutos, the nail artists are gathering followers.

The aesthetics of the glance, beyond the make-up
But make-up is no longer enough. Always in a logic of simplification, women want to wake up beautifully. Never before have false eyelashes and extensions been so popular. The trend is however closely followed by enhancement, a technique with a more natural effect. The eyebrow, too, is the object of all the attentions. But these services are still subject to regular « filling » sessions.

This is one of the reasons for the development of dermography. Permanent – or semi-permanent – make-up, depending on the name, has become more professional. The « long-lasting » nature of the service seduces the public. Today, the discipline has its stars, such as Maud Ravier or Betty de Montbrun, its schools and probably soon a diploma. And constitutes today one of the most profitable activities of the aesthetician’s profession.

Today, it is one of the most dynamic markets in the sector. The aesthetics of the eye is gradually becoming a profession in its own right. Its appeal: this specialty highlights professional know-how for a profitable and recurring service. It also inspires retail sales, with the appearance of numerous products such as magnetic false eyelashes, 3D mascaras, extension fibers for mascara, and eyebrow gels and powders. In addition, the service concerns all women, highlighting an open look that symbolizes health, dynamism and seduction. Assets that are valued in the private sphere as well as in the world of work, even when zoomed in.

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