Why do we prefer lipstick without transfer?

Why do we prefer lipstick without transfer?

Gone are the days of leaving traces of the passage of our lips on our coffee cup or in the neck of our beloved. We now rely on non-transfer lipstick or tattoo-effect lipstick for makeup that doesn’t stain, and that lasts!

Brands have understood it: make-up addicts prefer make-up products with impeccable hold and coverage. The right compromise for our lips? Red without transfer, or the assurance of makeup that lasts for several hours without leaving a trace.

The promise of lipstick without transfer
Very long lasting (often more than 8 hours), deep pigmentation, no risk of transfer during meals or after a kiss: lipstick without transfer is the essential product for those who have neither the time nor the desire to touch up during the day or evening.

But how can you guarantee a lipstick that will last through even the most copious of meals? Brands rely in particular on formulations enriched with fixing agents, which will allow the pigments to adhere to the lips for several hours, without the need for touch-ups.

Don’t neglect lip care
The downside: these makeup products, especially those with a matte finish, tend to dry out the lips. To alleviate the problem, some references are enriched with natural vegetable oils such as avocado oil.

Also, to avoid any sensation of discomfort and dryness of the lips, spread a lip balm before and after applying lipstick. And to avoid the accumulation of small dead skin due to dryness, we proceed to a gentle exfoliation for the lips once or twice a week.