Waterproof makeup: water-proof beauty

Waterproof makeup: water-proof beauty

If summer rhymes with beach and sun, it also rhymes with swimming in the pool and therefore waterproof makeup. So to know everything about water-resistant makeup that will save your summer outings, let’s review its basics.

Waterproof makeup is not only the best ally of synchronized swimming champions , it can also be used daily and it’s a small revolution.

Foundations , face powders , mascaras , lipsticks , all of our beauty essentials are available in a waterproof version.

Foolproof resistance
Good waterproof makeup is supposed to stay intact after a dip in the pool or a running session. To test its effectiveness, we soak a cotton ball in water and we pat the application on the makeup areas. If it doesn’t flow, the product is working.

You can use waterproof makeup on specific areas or as a total beauty look by choosing waterproof foundations that combine care and makeup, sometimes even sun protection .

I have sensitive skin, can I use it?
Those with sensitive skin can rest assured, the waterproof is composed of non-aggressive natural active ingredients, shea extract for a fluid application and a soft finish, and slightly oily volatile polymers, which allow them to glide over the skin.

A preliminary check-up with a dermatologist to reassure yourself and you can start using water-resistant make-up.

How to remove waterproof makeup?
For small touch-ups when applying makeup, you have to be quick because the characteristic of waterproof is to dry quickly. Keep a cotton swab handy for blending and sticking, or invest in a special concealer. You soak your cotton in micellar water to remove the fat.

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