Thin, clear, short, without volume… Which mascara for my lashes?

Thin, clear, short, without volume... Which mascara for my lashes?

Fine lashes, clear lashes, short lashes or lashes lacking volume: which mascara to choose according to the nature of our lashes? To find out, here is our selection of products for a doe’s look without too much effort.

It is not uncommon for models and celebrities to say that the only product they would take on a desert island would be a mascara. A lighter or a torch may seem to be a better choice, but each one has its priorities and above all it gives an idea of the importance of this little tube in our lives.

All brands have their mascaras, and the colors, textures and brushes they offer are endless. In short, choosing the one that suits us is a very difficult task, and wandering the shelves hoping for a divine intervention that will lead us to the perfect mascara is not always an option.

Thanks to Aurélie Leroy, eyedesigner at Studio Olivier Gay, we’re clearing up this cosmetic jungle and trying to see more clearly through all the questions we ask ourselves about our eyelashes.

I have fine lashes. What can I do to shape them?
To give an effect of thickness to lashes that are too thin, we choose mascaras with a thick silicone brush. You have to work them in several layers, catching the lashes at the root and spreading the way by lateral movements. Then remove the excess with a clean brush.

I have few lashes and they are short.
To give a mass effect and give the illusion that our lashes have grown a few millimeters, simply use a primer or mascara that contains fibers. These components are the miracle solution to strut your stuff with a look worthy of Anna Karina.

I have very clear lashes
This is often the big problem for women who have naturally blonde or red hair. But rest assured, an eyelash tint or coloring mascara effectively counteracts the dullness of almost invisible lashes.

I want to look like a Crazy Horse dancer
False eyelash effect mascaras are like strippers. It’s not Lova Moor who wants to. For a quality effect that lasts, we bet on the classic False Lash Effect by Max Factor (a brand revered by dancers) or the tenacious Volume False Lash Effect by YSL, a timeless classic.

I just want length
A brush specially designed to lengthen the lashes will be enough for our happiness. Be careful once again, because we can never repeat it enough, from the root to the tip, separating the lashes to avoid the packet effect.

Which mascara for a Twiggy make-up (lashes of the bottom loaded)?
Givenchy’s Phenomen’Eyes with its ball brush is ideal to master the original and stylized rendering of spider legs.

I want a nice curve without eyelash curl
Sisley, Benefit, Pierre Ricaud and Estée Lauder offer products dedicated to eyelash curling. Otherwise, the other alternative would be to use waterproofs mascaras because their composition allows to better hold the curve of the lashes. As a last resort, the most motivated among us can make an appointment right now to have their lashes lifted by an eyecare professional.

I want a mascara that brightens my outfit.
Why not try color mascaras? It’s daring, but in the end this madness will only last the time of one day between two make-up removals. Red, purple and even blue have invaded the catwalks of the fashion shows and for dark eyes in need of brightness, it’s sublime. Then we let go, and we succumb.

A doe look without mascara, is it possible?
If we belong to those that a nothing dresses and to whom a blow of mascara is enough to radiate all day long, we are tempted to remove this small gesture to have nothing more to do. So for a « zero effort » routine as simple as hello, we offer ourselves an eyelash extension application or an eyelash lift associated with an eyelash tint.

Thanks to the talents of professionals, we considerably reduce our time in front of the mirror in the morning and all we have to do is open our eyes to show our doe look.