The return of the banana, flagship bag of the 90’s

The return of the banana, flagship bag of the 90's

The banana comes back to haunt the women’s wardrobe after many years spent in the shadows. Back to the story of an unloved accessory.

Because it is worn hands-free, the banana is unanimously appreciated for its practicality. Until little criticized for its outdatedness, the it-bag of the 90s is making a comeback to the ranks of trends.

It’s the story of a small bag that grew big
The accessory that tourists do not part with. Handy for storing small change, sunglasses or balls won in the playground … The banana was used as a tote before becoming totally has-been . But as usual, the wind blew on fashion, and with it the banana has found its place in our wardrobe.

If we rewind, it is in the streetwear of the 90s that the banana becomes a real fashion accessory. Nylon or leather, in primary colors and tight at the pelvis, it was a flagship accessory that everyone proudly wore. But the banana or belt-bag has come a long way. It already existed three decades earlier where we could see it in the pages of Vogue in 1966 and 1968.

The banana bag in the 60s
As a backdrop to this comeback, the 90s, incessant inspiration from designers for the beautiful season. Reminiscent of childhood and adolescence, we remember seeing her on the Palace party girls, young moms in a hurry in high waisted jeans and white t-shirts, Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and The City or even male version on Joey McIntyre, the crazy frontman of New Kids on the Block.

Everyone wore it, no matter their budget or sensitivity, quitting to overdose quickly. Too many bananas killed the banana in short, the whole world gradually rejecting en masse an accessory that it now deemed outdated, to the point that the “banana bashing” became fashionable, the Gucci model then being the most strafed.

A decade later, wearing a banana becomes a provocation, a challenge to decorum and good taste, even almost a way to talk about oneself. We think in particular of Rihanna and her attempt to rehabilitate the “bum bag” in 2009, or more recently of designers like Alexander Wang and Karl Lagerfeld, probably more concerned with creating a buzz than paying tribute to the tourist allure.


Snubbed at the end of its golden age, the era of « banana bashing » is over. The greatest designers fall for its mini format. The banana makes its way to the doors of the big houses during fashion weeks. And for good reason, on the fall-winter 2018-2019 catwalks, the cult banana adds a chic allure to its practical status. Less elongated, it now displays a strict and sophisticated line.

The colors are attractive, the materials noble, the details precious: all the codes of the ideal bag are gathered here in a miniature version. The fashion asset? A delicate metal chain or a thin leather thong pushes out the ungrateful nylon belt saw from the waist. The worn is light, whether it embraces the waist or falls on the hips.

Fall winter 2019 2020 shows

From now on the banana is the ultimate snobbery. Queens of streetstyles and Instagram influencers show it off with pride, especially when it comes to the already overused Gucci model with a less urban aesthetic than 16th. In short, anti-fashion has become fashion, with the underground now indulging itself without hesitation in the clutches of mainstream luxury.

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