Peter Hahn fall-winter 2020: a colorful collection against gloom

Peter Hahn fall-winter 2020: a colorful collection against gloom

This is a page that is turned with the release of the fall-winter 2020 collections. That of summer, which has just arrived (thank you fashion). It must be said that after a complicated start to the year for everyone, fashion has not escaped the desire to look to the future. Good news, creativity is more than ever at the rendezvous.

We have to believe that the fall-winter 2020 trends anticipated a vital need for optimism. The collections that are coming out now carry a colorful look to the future.

Peter Hahn presents his new fall-winter 2020 collection
For next winter, the couturiers have developed crazier, more creative and more surprising collections than usual. On the coat racks, volume and colors.

Let it be said, the woman for next winter likes to play with volumes. Capes, oversized coats, balloon sleeves, oversized epaulettes, XXL dresses etc … the brands give pride of place to large size pieces. Fuzzy outfits and fluid materials ideal for complementing a traditional wardrobe.

Get ready for a pop winter too! The vibrant colors and pastels stand up against the gray sky and the dark thoughts. In stores, lots of chick yellow, fuchsia pink, powder pink, nude beige and ecru. Already very present last season, the rust color also gives the cover. As for flower prints, time has no hold on them, they will still be the great winter essentials.

Among the collections presented at the moment, Peter Hahn clearly stands out.

Peter Hahn, inspiring and inspired
In a world and an industry that will not necessarily be the same, the Peter Hahn brand intends to remain inspiring. Control of his ecological footprint, safeguard of Human Rights, Peter Hahn has always made sustainability and ethics the pillars of his corporate strategy. The result is very high quality products.

Moreover, on the trend side, the brand does everything to put a smile on your face. Its fall-winter 2020 collection was released on June 23 and is resolutely colorful, flowery, breathable and cozy.

Peter Hahn’s winter essentials
Orange, cream, brick red, intense green, deep blue, floral prints etc… Peter Hahn uses elegant colors and patterns to approach the cold season in style. Find in particular colorful and printed dresses, and a vast collection of women’s blouses . Colorful, striped, floral or printed blouses. Pieces often in linen, to wear large preferably.

It must be said that Peter Hahn relies heavily on volume and comfort. The proof in particular with its collection of cashmere sweaters . Cozy pieces, perfect for spending the winter warm, with a comforting ally on the shoulders in case of a hard blow.

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