How to take care of your scalp?

How to take care of your scalp?

The beauty of hair necessarily depends on a healthy scalp. How to maintain it? Which products to favor? What to do in the event of a disturbance? What to do in case of an itchy scalp? We tell you everything about the scalp.

A healthy scalp is a scalp that knows how to be forgotten. He gives no sign of existence, even though he works hard to produce new hair and protect the body from the outside world. Conversely, people with an unhealthy scalp may notice one of the following signs or a combination of symptoms: tightness, dryness, itching and / or dandruff .

But, not everyone reacts the same, even if the bad condition is related to the same causal factors at the origin.

What are the different types of scalp?
The nature of the scalp can vary depending on their exposure to natural elements such as the sun or the wind for example, the rate of sebum production and whether they are affected by dandruff problems or not.

« Covered » or « exposed » scalp – depends on how much hair covers the scalp and, therefore, how much the scalp is or is not exposed to the outside world. If you have small bald areas (where hair is absent) or diffuse coverage on certain areas of the scalp, the condition of the scalp may vary: it will be more oily in the areas completely covered by the hair and drier. in areas where the hair is thinning .

« Normal » to « oily » scalp – the rate at which we produce sebum on our scalp is determined by our genes. All people with hair produce sebum on the surface of their scalp, but some produce more than others. Those who produce the most are more likely to describe their scalp as oily while those with the least sebum may describe their scalp as « normal ».

young woman looks at the root of her hair

The « suffering from dandruff » or « healthy » scalp – It will depend on the sensitivity of each one to the elements and causes which will be at the origin of the dandruff. However, this problem is quite common (up to 50% of the adult population experiences dandruff problems). Those who experience it may notice a tight , dry, itchy and / or dandruff scalp .

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