Gray hair, peach hair, warm blond … The trendy hair colors of the moment

Gray hair, peach hair, warm blond ... The trendy hair colors of the moment

On the coloring side, the trends are in pastel shades, grays, delicate fades and warm blondes. Overview of all these new shades that make us (secretly) envy, with Sandrine Ruhlmann, hair beauty influencer, L’Oréal Professionnel spokesperson.

Today, it is no longer enough to enter a hairdressing salon by declaring « I want to become a brunette  » or « I want to be blonde  » explains Sandrine Ruhlmann, hair beauty influencer, hairdresser, colorist, spokesperson for L’Oréal Professionnel . For good reason: a multitude of coloring techniques are now available to us. The color chart, meanwhile, is always bigger and more subtle. The expert deciphers the latest trends in coloring for us.

2018, the golden age of gray to white hair
The conclusion is clear. Today, social networks play an essential role in shaping trends. “Each month, we see new influences appear on social networks,” says Sandrine Ruhlmann. And there are several at the same time. We are seeing a real return to light hair, whether with silver hair, graying and white hair, and not just for mature women.

These “gray hair” are attracting more and more women, young and old: “either we leave our hair natural gray, embellishing it with dark roots, variations of gray … Either we seek to artificially obtain a vibrant and shiny gray, ”explains the colourant expert.

Contrary to what one might think, it is not so easy to adopt the gray hair trend, because it is a very technical hair color that requires real accompaniment, both in the salon to obtain a shiny gray and very natural, than in maintenance at home where gray requires a good shampoo and a good yellowing .

Peach hair or apricot hair
Another gourmet trend observed in salons and on social networks is the peach hair trend. Slightly apricot, this light shade comes in hair makeup. Sandrine Ruhlmann observes it a lot in ephemeral coloring, for an evening for example: “with hair make-up techniques (editor’s note: Hair Chalk type or hair chalk), we can easily bring reflections to all colors, the effect then wears off quickly. But if you are seduced, you can leave the color on for longer for a more lasting result ”.

Tailor-made colorings both in color and in duration, therefore. Rose gold, apricot rose or strawberry rose … These shades full of delicacies are in great demand.

Brown, a timeless trend
It is a timeless one, but which has a thousand variations. Brown is very present in trendy hair colors. “We put on all the variations of hazelnut brown, also called“ charcoal ”, we can work on nuances by seeking relief and intensity in the brown, we wake up by lightening simply at the edge of the face. », Explains Sandrine Ruhlmann.

She also observes that hair color trends are increasingly focusing on subtlety: « what we are looking for is softness, natural graduation, which goes hand in hand with the advent of vegetable colors « .

Blond, 100% tailor-made
Another sure bet of coloring, blond . Yes, but not just any. Your blond. “Today, we have the choice to get a really tailor-made blonde that really matches our complexion. Polar blond, silvery blond, solar blond … Everything is possible! « 

If all the blondes are trendy, the medals go to gray blondes and « warm blond », warm and sunny blondes, particularly for sunny days.

Red, to the rhythm of the seasons
“ Red is also very trendy,” explains Sandrine Ruhlmann. It has many variations, it can be graduated: with, for example, Venetian graduations in points in summer and winter, a deeper red. The objective is to obtain a natural fade. In spring, for example, the deep red of winter is left to lighten in peaks to obtain a golden-copper red, very warm and trendy. « 

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