Fringe: we dare to cut it

Fringe: we dare to cut it

Before taking the fateful step and cutting your bangs, you need to know what type of hairstyle to match. Fringe, yes, but how do you cut it? Depending on her face and her hairstyle, you can choose to have short, long, thick or straight bangs. Here are all of our tips for making the right choice.

This is one of the most recurring hair questions: bangs, do we dare or not? Before arming yourself with a pair of scissors and committing the irreparable, you have to ask yourself the right questions.

The bangs, for whom?
You should know that there is no going back. If you regret having done bangs, you will have to wait several weeks before the hair grows, or you will have to find tips to hide the failed bangs. You also have to think about your hair type . If we have curly hair , will we have the motivation to straighten our bangs every morning? Are we going to assume the curly bangs ? Likewise, if you have oily hair . It will be necessary to wash the bangs often, even every morning, or use a dry shampoo .

If we’re really worried about failed bangs, we test the fake removable bangs (also called clip-on bangs ) to determine if we really have a « head with bangs ».

All types of bangs
There are several types of bangs. The most famous are of course the straight bangs , cut flush with the lashes and slightly rounded, and the tapered bangs , which are lighter. But for some time now, side bangs or asymmetrical bangs – cut at an angle or even notched – or even short bangs , cut in the middle of the forehead, have appeared on catwalks on parades and are even popular with hairdressers. The trendiest at the moment are curtain bangs , made popular by Brigitte Bardot and model Alexa Chung.

Not to mention that the bangs are no longer reserved for straight hair since the curly bangs are gaining more and more followers.

Which bangs for which face shape?
We seek advice from a hairdresser who will help determine if the face shape is compatible with bangs.

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