Essential indoor clothes to slip into your wardrobe

Essential indoor clothes to slip into your wardrobe

More than ever before, the homewear wardrobe is a welcome substitute for our outdoor dressing room, using a fashion vocabulary made up of jogging suits, sweatshirts and stuffed slippers. Proof of this is our special feature dedicated to homewear.

This year’s stylistic paradigm under the banner of the pandemic, homewear, or in French, « tenue d’intérieur », will undoubtedly remain the most striking trend of the beginning of the decade.

Long stigmatized as being synonymous with sloppiness, this wardrobe, which historically made comfort prevail over elegance, has been rehabilitated by 2.0 style gurus and other good-taste ayatollahs who, in line with the hegemony of streetwear and the standardization of athleticism, have made it the ultimate must-have.

The secret of such fashionable dignity? A new DNA that draws on the codes of minimalism, which tends to make joggings and other fleece pieces into real second skins, as aesthetic as they are comforting. Coordinated monochrome tracksuits, leggings with sharp lines or structured hoodies: a review of loungewear must-haves to be worn with style on the couch.

Jogging, the new star of our interiors
« Jogging pants are a sign of defeat, » said the late Karl Lagerfeld. A bias that joins years of stigma suffered by the unloved piece of tracksuit inherited from the sports locker room, whose arrival on the asphalt goes back more or less to the 1960s.

Flashy, coordinated and cut from synthetic materials: jogging was then the symbol of a leisure and consumer society, playing with the codes of correct dress by wearing in full view of all, outfits originally designed to be worn in the closed quarters of gyms.

In turn sporty and idle, but always with a touch of politics, it is extricated half a century later from its athletic straitjacket to become an ultra desirable piece combining racy lines, a chromatic palette and refined materials.

The sweatshirt, the cuddly toy lougewear that you never leave.
A cuddly piece par excellence, the sweater is a must for homewear. It’s the one you put on with relief when you come home in the evening, the one you snuggle in all day long when you’re working at home, the one you grab before leaving for a cocooning weekend.

In short a sure value, which is declined with hood or round collar and which generally follows us a whole life. Homewar version, we also choose it in XXL mode, in soft cotton, just to combine it with a suit pants in case of impromptu visits or imposed IRL meetings.

The must? choose a matching jogging suit to make a set that can be worn both indoors and outdoors.

The flattering leggings
Leggings are an emblematic part of the athletic wardrobe, and are also part of our cocooning outfits. Its advantages? A slightly more flattering cut than jogging, a not unpleasant second skin effect and a versatility that allows us to wear them under a coat to go out and get some bread, to bingewatcher Netflix or to do some yoga poses between two meetings on Zoom.

Traditionally black or grey, this year we allow ourselves to use earthy colors or the same hue as our skin tone, and we don’t hesitate to combine it with a matching bra or camisole for an effortlessly sculpted silhouette.

When the shoe becomes trendy again
Unattractive at first glance, slippers remain the guilty pleasure of long winter evenings indoors. Version 2020, they are strongly inspired by certain models designed for the outdoors to be declined in stuffed, quilted, hyper-lined versions that become over the days real addictions for our feet.

Our favorites for a cocooning outfit worthy of the name? Birkenstock sheepskin socks that, lined with a protruding pair of cashmere socks, are literally worn from morning to night and from evening to morning.

Others will opt for the all-encompassing UGGs, not hesitating to get a pair for indoors and another for outdoors. As for those without faith or law, they display without complex a pair of authentic Charentaise, made in France of course.

The return of the bathrobe
A true clothing blanket, a woman’s bathrobe generally symbolizes the quintessence of homewear. As an indoor jacket that doesn’t say its name, it discreetly hides the elegant nightie or the slightly protruding pyjamas that we usually wear underneath, or even our nudity when we are among those who prefer not to wear anything underneath.

Considered obsolete and often associated with the unattractive dressing gowns of the old generations, the bathrobe knows a revival of style carried by the recent tendency of kimonos, refining its lines and lightening its materials.

Flexible, fluid, almost draped, it sometimes takes the appearance of wallet dresses or nonchalant coats allowing us to stroll with style in our apartment. Confined or not.