Directions for use for a light and natural summer makeup

Directions for use for a light and natural summer makeup

Want a radiant complexion, sublimated by a discreet makeup that enhances and makes you look good? Discover our instructions for use and the advice of beauty professionals.

Christophe Danchaud, make-up artist, gives us his instructions for a radiant complexion this summer. On the program: translucent skin, light or pearly materials and a minimalist look.

Step 1: a golden complexion
Moisturize the skin with a day cream, massaged for a few moments on the face. Then mix a hazelnut of this cream with a foundation – or a BB cream -, choose a half-tone more golden than your usual shade. Apply with your fingertips to gain transparency. Apply a fluid concealer to the inner corner of the eye and then apply a small amount to the outer corner of the eye to lighten the look. By choosing a light shade of slightly pink or apricot, dark circles are more easily concealed.

Step 2: A fresh look
Raise the cheekbone with a greasy blush – cream blush or lipstick – coral or cherry. Melt it on the top of the cheek, going up to the edge of the dark circle and then on the tip of the nose. Then choose a fairly light sun powder, pulling on the orange, to be swept with a large brush over the blush on the cheeks, then under the chin, on the temples and the tip of the nose. Close your eyes, and quickly slide the same brush over the mobile eyelids, continuing on the temples.

Step 3: a luminous look
Draw a bronze pencil line inside the eye. Line the lashes with brown or black mascara. Brush the eyebrows in the air.

Step 4: A tangy mouth
Play the transparency of a balm, even cherry, to plump the lips and give them the appearance of a fruit.

Step: the final touch
Apply a spray mist, a mixture of oil and water, to refresh while fixing the result. It can be used three times a day, for example before a touch-up.